Jun 14, 2009

im a twit

Dec 23, 2008

Pixel Art!!!!

latest obsession: eBoy         yes e----------B----------o-------------y                not eBay!!!

google image him seriously!

Dec 22, 2008

I have just had a pretty..

exciting night, i love these girls they can make a funeral fun!

Dec 21, 2008

for maggie

ahh i hate my old xd card, you die on me whilst you hold some precious photos that now we cannot retrieve..
maggie my card died, and i lost all our photos!!!
i am so angry.

Dec 20, 2008

one of the best nights of my life

this story is rated PG +13 may contain scenes of nudity and violence. parental guidance is recommended.

one night two ninjas where having a slumber party! being such stealthy boy magnets with nonbarbieish personalities they were bravely fighting against the evil suninator. they decided to use their skills of eye sight and ninjability to attack the sun and make night forever. but they needed a power-up. along the way they found topaz, forgetting to be a dragon she was attempting to breath fire. She fucking burnt ninja 1’s face! shh said ninja 2, you could wake the john howard. the power source was still in site.. the fairy bread of hope!! finding it was easy but, here comes johnny!! "cover the evidence" "WHO GOES THERE?" boomed Johnny. "meoww?" said ninja 1. "woof" said ninja 2. after maintaining the power source, they put on the underWEAR OF STEEL! over there pants. then did there ninja thing of reterdedness, through the dangerous terrain they hid behind curtains and such. battling all these dangerous creatures is hard work, and it doesn’t pay said ninja 1. by the way kevin... give me pay, its the work place agreement!!!! anyway.. after searching for hours they heard a dangerous growl! "hemme hemme" said johnny. Awakening from his deep sleep about smelly socks and tuna. they retired to there secret hideout, and placed there adventure on the ’wwnd’ (world wide ninja database) and soon to be of ninjaing again!
*no ninjas where harmed in the MAKING of this story
no guaranties in the real life events

oh and ninjas need good sports bras!! (thought we would let you know)

rocks, you all know one

featured in this post is one hell of a person maggie rutjens;
Rocks, you all know where to find one; whether be in your back yard or those smart ones people keep as pets. Rocks are quite interesting different colours, shapes, sizes and sharpness's. you can throw a rock, catch a rock, break a window with a rock, hurt someone or even squash something with one. so why do we overlook these fascinating hard and not breathing, moving etc, objects. maggie says: rocks, be it, in your yard, or on the ground embedded in the shockingly dry soil of australia, pay a great significance to our world. uluru... wasn't man made but shit, its one hell of a rock. and think about the ants!!! they must be urinating in their -10,000 sized pants thinking "crap boys.... we've got some growing to do!, there's yet another mt everest in our path [insert pebble here]" and!! Even though rocks can be a murder weapon, a throwing device or even a close friend, they'll always be considered great listeners!

love goes to all the many, many... rocks (and ants) around our world and in the souls of our shoes...

(please, please, p-l-e-a-s-e seek serious medical advice if you have been one of the many taken into the cult of pet rockery)

Dec 19, 2008

my christmas treats

i give you blood sweat and tears.

over before it starts

relationship=fail    no wait edit: EPIC FAIL

she's a good girl with a bad habit

I have been thinking (yes thinking) about some bad habits that people might be keeping from others. one of the most stupid but not very bad but highly annoying habit is that of singing in the shower. I don't know what brings people to do this, because do they think that the walls around them are like some protective barrier, help, in the shower no-one can hear you scream (or sing for that matter). This brings to mind, you never hear of people singing in the bathtub do you..

ignorance is bliss

you are juice, and more mr orange, but i prefer you not pulverized just as i prefer blue pens.